About Us
Wilkerson Automation is dedicated to offering you the highest quality product at the best
possible price. We take pride in our efforts to work closely with our customers to assure
complete satisfaction.

Specializing in manufacturing and servicing of parts feeding and handling equipment.
Charles Wilkerson started Wilkerson Automation in order to create an honest alternative for
customers.  Wilkerson Automation is built on honesty and integrity.

For over 45 years, Charles worked in various feeder companies and was appalled at the
treatment many customers received.  He was instructed to lie to customers for various
reasons, giving him the motivation to venture out and fill the need for a company that you could

He has assembled a dedicated team of craftsmen that are willing and able to take on your
toughest parts handling problems.  They will work with you  through every phase of your job

  • Obtaining an honest and cost effective quote
  • Approval of drawings
  • Beginning fabrication
  • Job completion and satisfaction
  • Shipping
  • Installation (if ordered)
  • Service

With our extraordinary team members, you will never feel lost in the process.  Constant
communication, pictures, and videos are all available.

Let Wilkerson Automation become your one-stop shop for all of your parts handling needs
Wilkerson Automation, Inc        3599 West US 40        Greenfield, IN 46140        

Office: 317-462-6189        Fax: 317-462-5408